Coenen, Tineke (LUMC)

Tineke Coenen 

Since 5 years, I am the director of the Animal Experimental Facility of the Dutch Leiden University Medical Centre.

In my department we support the in-vivo research by daily care to the animals and providing services to scientists. The ultimate goal is to contribute in the development of new models with our knowledge of laboratory animal science, introduce or improve new techniques and optimize welfare for the animals.

During my professional career I gained knowledge in laboratory animal experimentation, evaluating potential adverse effects of potential new clinical treatment and in the drug development procedures.

The last 5 years I have proven my leadership qualities by managing the animal facility and turned it from Bed and Breakfast service into a full mouse clinic, improving the quality of work and offering more opportunities for my staff and technicians. Together we can execute in-vivo research form start to finish including complex surgeries and safety evaluations. We are partner in several research funding projects. Furthermore, my experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as member of the drug design team has given me excellent skills to participate in the LUMC drug design board and the Academic Pharma Group to discuss opportunities for new treatments.
I’m also responsible for educating students and scientist in Laboratory animal science to become certified FELASA B specialists.

Externally I’m the chair of two independent animal experimental committees advising the national Central Committee on animal Experiments about future animal experiments.