Dinnyés, András (BIOT)

András Dinnyés

CEO BioTalentum Ltd.

Co-founder and general director of BioTalentum Ltd. He has been working on embryology, cryobiology, cloning and stem cell biology since 1985. He has been a Fulbright Scholar in the US in 1991-92 and worked at the University of Connecticut (US) for 1997-99, where he invented and patented the solid surface vitrification (SSV) technology. In 2000, he joined the cloning team in Roslin Institute (the „Dolly team”) as team leader. His team succeeded in the production of the first gene knock-out lamb, and the first cloned piglet in Europe. He was advisor for Geron Inc, US. In 2001, he has returned to Hungary as a Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellow. He is full professor at Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (2008 – ), and at Szeged University (2018 – present), and was invited professor at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2010-2016), and Honorary Professor at Sichuan University, China (2019-2021). He received the Denis Gábor Innovation Award, Hungary in 2013. In 2018, Prof Dinnyés become a member of the Academia Europaea. Expertise in stem cell technologies, cell differentiation, cryopreservation, reproductive technologies, molecular techniques, genetic engineering, assay development; industrial level quality control and new business development. H-index: 42.