Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Germany (UKHD)

The Department of Neurology (headed by Prof Dr W. Wick) treats diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and the muscular system. With more than 280 administrative, technical and medical staff and more than 100 nursing staff, the Department of Neurology provides the entire spectrum of neurological diagnostics and therapy at Heidelberg University Hospital. A total of 5 highly specialised wards in the Department of Neurology (84 beds) as well as the Department of Neurology’s Emergency Outpatient Clinic and our 10 specialised outpatient clinics treat >8,000 inpatients and >25,000 outpatients per year. In 2017, more than 300 of these patients participated in clinical trials, benefiting from the latest medical developments. The Department of Neurology also runs 2 neurological outpatient clinics at the Bergstrasse District Hospital (Heppenheim) and the GRN Clinic in Sinsheim (8+20 beds), as well as a teleneurological network with 8 partner clinics (headed by PD Dr C. Gumbinger). The department has 4 professorships and 15 research groups; it is a consortium partner in various initiatives funded by the BMBF, DFG, EU and Cancer Aid and leads several national and international studies, a neuro-oncological special research area and a neuro-inflammatory research group. The common goal is to translate the latest scientific findings into improved treatment strategies and clinical application at an early stage. Each year, around 130 publications, some of them in high-impact journals, are published with the involvement of staff, and around €3.5 million in third-party funding is raised.